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How To Have An Effective Open House

It happens all the time. A buyer decides to go to an open house at a great property in a nice neighborhood, only to find the grass is overgrown, the plants are dead and the home in some level of disarray. In this market, when some homes are sitting longer than expected, it’s more important than ever for your home to be in best-show mode before the buyer arrives. The success of your Open House will very often lead to an offer!

Make the best first impression with these last-minute tips for holding a successful Open House.

  • A clean home is a sellable one. Before the buyer and real estate agent stop by, conduct a last minute walk-through of the entire house. Pick up anything that is just “lying around” and hide it away under a bed or neatly tucked in a closet (remember buyers want to see a roomy closet!) Grab the broom and quickly sweep the front and back porches. See a nook with a few spider webs? Grab something to clean it up! Don’t give buyers any reason to rethink the potential of your home being the right one for them.
  • Scent Matters. Many people don’t realize their home may have a smell. Make sure that you either neutralize the smell of your home, or use a hypoallergenic fragrance.
  • Curb appeal is a game-changer. Buyers want to envision family and friends pulling into their home with green grass and an all-around lush landscape. During months that allow for it, keep your lawn looking trim and with enough plants to help buyers see its potential. During winter months, you might lay out photos of the home when the grass is green and plants are in full bloom. This will give buyers an idea of what the home looks like during the warmer spring and summer months.
  • Put your home's best foot forward. The day of the open house either you or your real estate agent may want to consider setting the dining room table, or even ordering a center piece for it. Make sure the temperature is comfortable and that any animals are either securely locked away in a room that the agent won’t walk the buyer into, or better yet, at a “friends” house for a play date!
  • Leave the home. It is best practice for your agent to ask you to be away from the house during the open house. Buyers want to envision the home as if it is already theirs and you may be inclined to oversell the home or worse, accidently disclose particular details about the home that could make the buyer hesitate to make an offer.

When opening your home to buyers the best advice is to make it feel like a well-loved, well-cleaned and well-cared for residence! Chances are when you complete the above steps buyers will find your home more attractive and may even be compelled to make an offer.

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